The Deeper Cleanse – Day Two

Tuesday April 21, 2015

Woke up feeling good with a dull headache but it’s a good sign the cleanse is working. I Drank a large glass of lemon water kind of gross because you have to do this before brushing your teeth. On my way to work I was crossing my fingers that no one was eating their breakfast or enjoying their morning coffee because chances are I would have pounced on them LOL. The last time I ate a cooked meal was Sunday April 19 need I say more. The hunger pains are not so bad anymore and the anger has subsided, I can feel a mild headache but I just realized that this is a raw cleanse which means I can eat anything raw that is salads and fruit but can’t overdo it. But let me tell you there is nothing I want more right now like a bacon cheese burger. 

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