Pepsi & chips for breakfast – Seriously

The Go Train is a great place to people watch.  The lady seating beside me is having a yoghurt laced with all the goodies, granola, blueberries and strawberries – perfect for breakfast right.  Then there is a lady I would say probably mid-forties about +200lbs sitting in the next row to my right eating a bag of salt-n-vinegar chips and of course why not go all out – she is drinking Pepsi not even diet-pepsi. I am so tempted to yell “WTF lady it’s 7:43am you should eat a proper breakfast”  Makes me wonder what she packs in her kids lunch bag. There 160calories per 17 chips she ate a whole bag. I am appalled. 


What Not To Eat # 2 

Sitting on the Go Train again just watched a guy woof down what looked like a Big Mac with Fries a large drink which I assume was pop and two Apple Pies. So I went online to see how many calories he had just shoved down his throat.  Get this he just devoured 1740 calories in one sitting Shocking what we put in our bodies.  


Post Cleanse Weigh In 

Woohoo I am down 5lbs another 25lbs to go. I can do this!! This is just the beginning!! 

The Deeper Cleanse – Day Five

So today of course being the last day it was smooth sailing I drank those juices like there was no tomorrow – I guess there isn’t. I really do feel good the Belmont Raw cleanse does work, it’s a little pricey but dollars well spent. So tomorrow morning I will be revealing my new weight so stay tuned.  Then I move onto my next challenge this one will be a family challenge “Clean Eating”. I saw something on Pinterest the other day and I liked the idea. So we are going all in as a family,,

The Deeper Cleanse – Day Four 

One more day to go.  Today wasn’t so great I’ve been fighting a cough and cold and I was hoping the healing nutrients in the cleanse juices would help me fight it off but no such luck. Felt a little faint and sickly all day Now I am home sipping on my last bottle of the day “The Detox” which has Kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger, apple, lemon. Despite the gross green color as my daughter puts it, it is actually pretty tasty.  Not really craving anything today but would be nice to have some lemon chicken.