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MeMonday April 20, 2015 first day of a lifestyle change for me I need to loose 30lbs and give myself an overall boost. Two weeks ago I went shopping for a gown to wear to an event I was taking my four year old daughter.  Whilst in the change room at The Bay I put on the first dress and I thought “ok this doesn’t look too bad”.  I had my niece with me and she took a few photos of me in the dress after looking at those photos I thought to myself that “doesn’t look so good”. I tried a few more dresses and with each dress we took photos. Each photo revealed more and more that I needed to get in shape and take better care of myself.  A few months back I went to the sleep clinic because as my hubby put it “I suspect you have sleep apnea and I am really concerned about you, I don’t want to loose you and “honey you snore like a banshee” not sure what a banshee is but I am sure Google will let you know  if you look it up. Anyway test results from the sleep clinic came in doctor said I had moderate sleep apnea and I had two choices.  Either try to lose weight at least 30lbs or get a sleep machine. I chose to loose 30lbs and here we are.

Its not easy making a lifestyle change especially when you have a husband who is a “Chef in the making” but I am going to give it a shot.  My strategy is to start with a cleanse then make use of that Goodlife Membership I bought four months ago and look at the key card dangling off my keychain everyday. Put in lots of walking, lots of running around with my daughter in the park and lots of walking.

My Starting Weight is 179lbs my end goal is 150lbs I have three months to do this so here goes nothing.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You go girl! Once I heal my knee/leg, I’ll be right behind you. I did start with no café today (not even decaf – ouch). All the best, IGS


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