Day 1 – Closet Cleanse┬á

My daughters closet

I woke up with renewed energy and conviction. I am going for it.  Question is where do I begin…. I need a process or else I am going to get overwhelmed and give up.  My hubby is suggesting I start with my daughters closet and I think that’s the perfect starting point. JJ will be six in September and like mommy she has a lot of clothes ….. ­čś│.  This is going to be a little emotional.. Kleenex box in hand here we go.  Stay tuned for the reveal… 

Can one really live with a “10 item wardrobe”

Ladies can one really live with a 10 item wardrobe­čś│? So the thought of doing that is giving me anxiety, however, I am drowning in clothes. I work in a corporate environment and attend meetings all the time so I have a lot of business attire, I am a huge fan of dresses, as I find them easier to work with and make my mornings and travel easier. I recently dropped two dress sizes but I am still hanging on to the other pieces because I am afraid the weight might come creeping back. I know what you are thinking “self sabotage” maybe but let’s hope not. Any way enough rambling back to the topic.

So where does one start I don’t have the will power to do this.  Perhaps it’s time for a wardrobe intervention……Perhaps this could be a good time to start my own reality show “Closet Purgertory”.  I should hire someone to help me. The photo below is of my closet taken a few minutes ago. This is a quarter of my closet. My name is Annie and my closet is out of control.

April 22, 2016