Can one really live with a “10 item wardrobe”

Ladies can one really live with a 10 item wardrobešŸ˜³? So the thought of doing that is giving me anxiety, however, I am drowning in clothes. I work in a corporate environment and attend meetings all the time so I have a lot of business attire, I am a huge fan of dresses, as I find them easier to work with and make my mornings and travel easier. I recently dropped two dress sizes but I am still hanging on to the other pieces because I am afraid the weight might come creeping back. I know what you are thinking “self sabotage” maybe but let’s hope not. Any way enough rambling back to the topic.

So where does one start I don’t have the will power to do this.  Perhaps it’s time for a wardrobe intervention……Perhaps this could be a good time to start my own reality show “Closet Purgertory”.  I should hire someone to help me. The photo below is of my closet taken a few minutes ago. This is a quarter of my closet. My name is Annie and my closet is out of control.

April 22, 2016  

4 thoughts on “Can one really live with a “10 item wardrobe”

  1. Lol! Good one! And to answer your question NO I sure won’t be able to subsist on just 10 even when it may be true that at each point of time I tend to wear from a selection of my favourites for that period, tending to wear just a few garments by rotation extensively, while the rest languish in my wardrobe which is chock full of clothes, suitcases which are chock full of clothes, under bed storage which are chock full of clothes, random sky bags which are chock full of clothed . It doesn’t help I have decent taste in clothes and treat them well so almost none become unfashionable or torn or wear out easy. Plus I have clothes to service different aspects of my life – so work clothes, workout clothes, party clothes, traditional indian wear, casual western wear, loungewear, lingerie, winter clothes, summer clothes, international travel clothes etc etc etc – which means 10 simply cannot suffice. Good luck to you though!

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